Yoko Littner Scarf

Before Christmas I'd been re-watching Gurren Lagann (one of the top 3 mecha anime of all time, give it a watch if you haven't already). So over the Christmas break I decided to make Yoko's scarf for my partner.

Scarf Laid Flat Scarf Plan

This is probably my favourite thing I've made yet, It's come out looking really cool, and matches up pretty well with the source garment.

Scarf Plan


I constructed the scarf from 7 panels of circular crochet, 60 stitches wide and 16 tall. These panels are joined together by smaller red rings that are 54 wide by 7 tall. I crocheted the sections together, skipping every 10th stitch on the inner ring, so that the stitches lined up in the end. The whole thing is made with a 3.5mm crochet hook, and cotton DK yarn by Wool And The Gang, which gives it a really chunky and substantial feel, without sacrificing softness.

Ideally the scarf should have had 8 panels: 4 white, 4 pink, but the panels ended up slightly too tall and I had to nix one. If you'd like to replicate this pattern, you should probably make the panels 14 stitches tall instead.